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Yomego was approached by supermarket giant Tesco to help the brand increase engagement on its Facebook page and raise awareness of its grocery delivery services.

"This activity was created within very challenging time-scales and the results really impressed us. The game answered our strategic needs and showed us the power of great content. We’re now engaged in planning an on-going series of activities to drive and reward interaction."

Quote from Tesco

We created Delivery Dash, an addictive Facebook game where users filled the baskets of their Facebook friends against the clock while negotiating surprise hurdles. The game had social media threaded through its DNA, with personalised gameplay, high scores and friend-grouped leader-boards helping the game to spread virally.

The result was an addictive game that users just couldn’t stop playing. The game received more than 100,000 plays in its opening month with no additional media spend.

Each user played the game an average of 20 times. However, for some players, the game proved even more engaging. More than 250 users played the game at least 100 times – equating to six hours of game play per person. Six users played the game at least 1,000 times – or sixty hours, the equivalent of two and half days straight, and one dedicated user has topped the 5,000 plays mark.

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