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    Yomego’s Top 5 Social Media Predictions for 2015

    Thursday December 18, 2014

    Can you believe it's the end of another year already? 2014 has made for an exciting year in the world social media and for the team here at Yomego. We’ve seen...
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    Sociable Fashionistas

    Tuesday December 2, 2014

    High-end fashion has a long history of exclusivity, closed doors and secrecy. Images from the world’s Fashion Week shows would land an achingly-slow 24hours later for the public, shared through the lenses of world-class photographers and high-end glossies. This is all a changin’ as luxury brands hop on the social media stage; Pinning, Tweeting and Filtering their daily doings. Burberry and Anthropologie are but a few of the big-hitting brands who have opened their doors to the general public and got social.
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    The Social Network Of Things

    Monday October 27, 2014

    You can’t go online without being exposed to (ahem, bombarded with) an acquaintance’s latest gloat-worthy stories or your favourite brands’ PR wizardry to offset their CEO’s recent slip up. Everyone is connected and talking to you. Everyone is connected, but not everything.
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    Overtaking the Kardashians: The rise of the digital media celebrity

    Monday September 29, 2014

    Ordinary teens are becoming famous. They post videos doing ordinary things like walking on YouTube or Vine and get thousands of likes. To make matters worse, some earn twice my yearly salary from YouTube advertising in one month. As you’d expect, this has led to much hype in the media. And now, Hollywood, brands and music scouts are investing in teen, digital media celebrities. But why is this happening, and what does it mean?
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    Instagram Ads: Double Tap, or Double Standards?

    Friday September 26, 2014

    Instagram ads are coming to the UK, Canada and Australia, but what does this mean for users of the site, and does it risk switching off its loyal fans with this latest update?
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