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A look into Greggs, Google Bombing and Brand Management

Greggs’ social media team had a pretty tough day of it yesterday. The popular high street baker appeared at first glance to have fallen victim to a high-profile ‘Google Bomb’, resulting in a mock version of their logo appearing in Google’s search results in the Knowledge Graph sidebar. How and why did this happen, and was this really the result of a deliberate ‘bombing’?

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    To Snap or not to Snap- Should your brand be on Snapchat?

    Despite the recent surge of similar disappearing messaging apps, most memorably Slingshot, none has yet come close to the success of the original, Snapchat. Though Snapchat like to keep schtum on their exact number of monthly active users, the last record in April 2014 put the platform at 70 million monthly active users. Based on the velocity of its growth in recent months, data crunchers estimate that Snapchat is gaining around 10 million new users per month, and growing faster than Twitter.

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    Why Foursquare doesn’t care about what you think.

    For a good couple of years Foursquare was the darling of the gamification world. Cute badges, competitive mayorships and witty copy all helped to create an app that made going places even more fun. So much so that Foursquare has tracked over 6bn check-ins and 55m tips since it first started - all submitted by people just like you. So what does a brand do when they notice the popularity of their app waning? That’s right, they rip it apart, stick half the functionality in one app and the other half in another.