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Overtaking the Kardashians: The rise of the digital media celebrity

Ordinary teens are becoming famous. They post videos doing ordinary things like walking on YouTube or Vine and get thousands of likes. To make matters worse, some earn twice my yearly salary from YouTube advertising in one month. As you’d expect, this has led to much hype in the media. And now, Hollywood, brands and music scouts are investing in teen, digital media celebrities. But why is this happening, and what does it mean?

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    Introducing the UK’s Largest Ever Blogger Outreach Study

    We’ve been working with bloggers for over five years here at Yomego. In that time, innumerable web trends have come and gone, but the once humble blog has stood the test of time incredibly well. With blogs now representing one of the most important resources guiding consumer purchasing decisions, marketers simply can’t afford to ignore the influence of bloggers any longer.