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Periscope Vs Meerkat – Who will win the battle of the live streaming apps?

Last month saw the launch of two new apps which have the potential to take the social media world by storm. Both allow users to stream live video in real-time from mobile devices. Currently only available on iOS but coming soon to other operating platforms, both have been a big hit but which one is likely to prevail in the medium term? Or could both have a role to play in the future?

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    Is measurability getting in the way?

    Strange question, I know, but it’s one that has bugged me for quite a while now. As a client services director I get access to numerous clients and prospective clients marketing departments and a theme persists throughout them all. The need to measure. Not just the need to measure the basics but the need to measure pretty much everything. Given the increased ability to gather stats on each campaign that is run online marketing teams are being given access to stats that they never dreamt of previously, and I have notice this has resulted in 2 distinct negative behaviours.

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    Some things are better left unsaid - 5 Tips to Help Brands Avoid Oversharing on Social

    We all have THAT friend who feels the need to post every single life update on their social accounts. Whether it’s food porn, #mylifeisawesome bragging, shopping sprees, holiday snaps or intimate couple’s moments - there really are no boundaries in social sharing anymore. But it’s not just our “friends” clogging up our timelines and news feeds – brands can be just as guilty.