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The Art of Collaboration

The birth of social has led to a world of possibilities, things we could never have imagined possible before the likes of Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Companies have captured the imagination of their fans and created social champions. These users take it upon themselves to act as unofficial spokespersons for said brand/athlete/restaurant. And from this, a community is born, something we’re all too familiar with at Yomego.

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    'I don’t have enough content’

    ‘I don’t have enough content - It’s a common assertion that we hear from brands of all shapes and sizes. With that in mind, I wanted to share some guidance that I would recommend you consider not only when you’re struggling for content inspiration, but also to ensure that you are sourcing content from all the right places and tailoring it appropriately for your target audience.

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    How to hit home runs in social (rather than scoring own goals)

    Sports fans are among the most passionate brand advocates in the world, so it’s not surprising that, done well, social media can provide the perfect accompaniment to enhance and prolong fan engagement. But these fans have a hunger for content and usually have high expectations, so in a constantly evolving industry, it’s important to learn and adapt to new technology and platforms to bring fans even closer to their team.