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Make social work for you - Top 5 Tips for B2Bs

Let’s face it, social media is so widely accepted in 2015 that individuals who don’t have an online profile are often met with raised eyebrows, intrigued faces and endless ‘but whys’.

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    Beme me up! The App that Aims to Kill Self-Consciousness in Social

    It’s time to say goodbye to self-conscious social! How much do we scrutinise what we share online? Casey Neistat, YouTube vlogger and overall social media celebrity, knows all about this as he spends hours watching himself back as he edits his daily vlogs. Along with his team, Casey has brought Beme – pronounced “Beam” – to life as a way to chip away at our perfected social selves, eradicating self-awareness on social thus putting you back in the moment.

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    Hottest News in Social this Week

    Emojis are escaping from texts and WhatsApp to the wider world. Back in April, Instagram gave us the ability to use Emoji hashtags. This was a big thing in the Emoji/Social world, but it didn’t really hit off as expected.