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#LoveWins – Make sure your social does

Many of us use social to react to things happening around us, such as world events, TV and day-to-day life. However, more and more, we are beginning to see brands acknowledging these events with us, in order to create relevant and engaging content.

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    6 Simple Psychology Hacks to Boost Your Facebook Engagement

    This month, Facebook have started rolling out a news feed algorithm update which takes into account the time a user spends ‘looking’ at a story in their news feed. This update will have huge implications for brands on Facebook, as it now means that as well as fighting for likes, comments and shares, brands will be fighting for ‘eyeball-time’ in a world of increasingly savage scrollers. From now on, brands have to make sure that every piece of content counts.

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    When social needs to be the heart of your campaign, not part of it.

    I’ve been in the business for two months now and my view of the role of social in an integrated campaign has already changed immeasurably. Coming from a background of full service digital agencies where social was always an extension to any campaign that was produced, my view was somewhat warped. The reality has hit me hard though over the last few weeks.