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How Can I Help? Nailing Online Customer Service

Getting customer service right on social media is a tricky business. Unfortunately for companies the world over, unsatisfied customers are typically more likely to share their experience online than satisfied ones, meaning that doing nothing is simply not an option. With 31% of consumers in the UK turning to social media to complain, there’s a heck of a lot of angry voices desperate to be heard, making it more vital than ever for companies to provide exceptional service before their own customers press ‘unlike’ forever. So here are some essential tips for surviving the online cacophony of voices.

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    Winning the World Cup on Social

    Do we really have to wait another four years for the next World Cup? The past month was mouth-watering and the World Cup was perhaps one of the best I’ve watched, even if my sweepstake teams (Italy and Chile) didn’t bring me any winnings. Like many others, I used social as an outlet to discuss what was happening, with this World Cup being one of the most social sporting events to have ever taken place.